A change in perspective

La Cruz (Cuba) v Almatbouli (Jordan) Light Heavyweight

I had the privilege on the 4th August of seeing 12 outstanding fights at the ExCel Olympic Stadium; flyweight, light welterweight and light heavyweight. There was a fabulous atmosphere in the stadium though unfortunately no British fighters in these bouts.
The British public certainly has a habit of getting behind underdogs. Perhaps we, as a nation, have been there ourselves and just have a natural empathy. The highlight for me was the light heavyweight bout between La Cruz and Almatbouli. The Cuban dominated throughout and it was easy to see how he was ranked World no. 1 .

Whilst I am used to photographing from canvas side (where the photographers in the shot above are), I was in the stands this time. Still I was close enough to use my fabulous Minolta 135mm f2.8 on a crop sensor Sony a77. This gave an equivalent focal range of 200mm. The lighting was quite good for a boxing venue so I could shoot at 1/400 at ISO 800 at f3.5 and really freeze the action. Also the burst rate of the a77 (12 fps) helped when flurries of shots were thrown and allowed me to catch some great shots. I also enjoyed the changed of angle, shooting from the crowd and above the ring.

A lot of photographers who were not working professionally had concerns that the Olympic staff would create difficulties for those wishing to use DSLRs. In fact the volunteers could not have been more helpful and I had no problems at all.




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